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ProFurnitureParts 7" Coated Berkine Cenro Compatible Recliner Replacement Mechanism Spring

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ProFurnitureParts 7" Coated Berkine Cenro Compatable Recliner Replacement Mechanism Spring

Recliner Mech Mechanism Tension Actuator Spring That Measures 7 Inches Total Length. THIS SPRING HAS COATED HOOKS ON BOTH HOOKS.

Spring Diameter is 5/8 Inch.

The Springs Hooks are Offset 90 Degrees.

Long Hook Measures 2.25 Inches above Coil.

Coil Measures 4 Inches. Short Hook Measures .5 Inches Above Coil.

This Spring is Specifically Used on Cenro Mechanisms and some Berkline Recliners as well as other spring matches these dimensions. Dimensions of Old Springs may Vary slightly do to stretching overtime